Already Got The Book? Contribute A Fair Amount Here

Did you already get the book free? I’m “passing the hat” around. What was it worth to you? 99 cents? Two bucks? More? Like I talk about in the book, there’s no shame in asking for support for the work you do. I enjoyed writing the book and I’m glad you read it for free. So would you consider contributing whatever you think is fair for the information received?

Or, feel free to share the website to others as your contribution. Neither are required; but both are GREATLY appreciated.

Preorder Go Direct! – August 15 Release PDF + Audiobook

The manuscript is finally done. Now’s the time to get your pre-order in for Go Direct! You can decide to download it for free, or pay what you want for it. You can even decide to come back later and give something for it.

Note: When you pre-order, you’ll get the book sent to you in PDF form as well as a special audio book (MP3) file which is read by the author himself.