Foo Fighters Might “Go Direct!” For Concerts

NME Awards 2011 - Show - London

Going Direct! is catching on. Bands like the Foo Fighters are realizing that a better way to tour might be to let their fans crowdsource where they play. In an article on Rolling Stone, frontman Dave Grohl says that they might start playing in front of crowds that tell them they want them. “I’m telling you, it could become the way that bands decide where they want to play,” Grohl said. “It’s a fun thing; it sort of changes the game. For the past 20 years we always decided who we’re going to play with and where we’re going to play. But now, if we hear that people want us to come somewhere, maybe we’ll come there.”

The band already used Crowdtilt once to let fans help organize a concert in Virginia. Julia Nunes, who I write about in Go Direct! has been doing this for years now.

The future is here for content creators. Will you Go Direct!, or will you continue to play by the gatekeeper rules?