Go Direct! Reader Case Study

Got this email from Sherman Cox from http://www.soulpreaching.com.

I thought you might want to know my story. I read your book and the idea immediately resonated with me. I took a PDF white paper (33 pages) that I used to sell for anywhere between 7.99 and 15 dollars. And put created a new cover and decided to do the “pay what you want.”

I have an email list of about 9500 in my niche so the only advertising I did was on the list. I send out 2 emails a week so maybe 6-8 emails with the notice in it.

I have had 268 views of the gumroad ad.
I have had 50 pre orders.
11 people pre ordered with some money for a total of 110.97.

It is interesting because I put a suggested price of 1.99 on it. Not sure why I put the suggested price so low, but I usually have that problem.

At any rate, of those who paid, only one person chose 1.99. The other 10 paid more.

I am counting it a modest success. At least enough of a success to try again with a more substantial offering.