Go Direct! – Soft Launch Numbers

Earlier this week (July 2nd) I did a very soft launch of the pre-order of Go Direct! which includes the digital copy of the book and a bonus audio book released on August 15. For the soft launch (purposely done on a holiday weekend), I announced it on my Facebook page, and sent one Tweet out about it, and sent about 5 review copies out to friends who said they would look at an early copy. I also sent it out to a very small email list (less than 100) people who had previously expressed interest in my books. I mentioned to everyone that they could “pay what they want” for the book, or just get it free. Here are the results so far.

Here’s the image I used on the Facebook post.

Go Direct! Book

The Results…

As of Sunday morning, July 6 there have been 254 “orders” of the pre-order package through Gumroad for a total of $321 earned. Approximately 55% of the people who ordered the package signed up for free, while 45% contributed anywhere between $.99 and $10. The average “pay what you want” order is $1.99, the exact price I suggested on the order page.

More Stats…

92% of the people who ordered the package have confirmed their email address and have been added to my email list. These people will be receiving an automated follow up message a week after the launch that will remind them if they got the book for free, they can now “click here” to contribute financially after the fact. There is also a button on the site that anyone can click that lets them contribute after the fact if they wish. It will be interesting to see how many of those people come back and “kick-in” something after. I will keep track of those numbers and post them in the next update.

I have also received 19 unsolicited amazing reviews sent to me via email, many of which I’m using on the website and will use later on in other marketing materials. One of the reviews said “Simply the best marketing book I’ve read in years.” Eventually I will put the book on Amazon as well, because why not? And then I’ll ask those people to go leave their reviews there as well.

15% of the people who ordered clicked the share icons after purchase on Gumroad to either Tweet or FB share that they “Just pre-ordered Jim’s new book” message, etc…

I used a tracking service called Smarturl.it to process all the links from each source so I could have some stats. 75% of the clicks came from the USA, while 5% came from Canada, and many other countries like Zimbabwe, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Japan, Nigeria and many more. 54% of the clicks came from the Facebook post and the rest from Twitter and the email.

Soft Launch Thoughts So Far…

I find it fascinating that so many people contributed the suggested amount. I will have to try to increase the suggested amount in the future to see if that holds up. Granted, the people who did pre-order are familiar with me as they on my email list and follow me on social media. Those numbers might not be so high to a cold audience.

Overall, I’m extremely happy that a simple Facebook post and Twitter mention could generate so much interest, signups and sales. I know that many people don’t check their email or social media channels on a holiday weekend so I expect those numbers to jump on Monday when I post again and people get back to their email.