“Go Direct! is pretty much the battle cry of the new economy. I believe what Jim Kukral wrote with all my heart. Why? Because I LIVE it.” – Chris Brogan, author, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”

Chris Brogan, chrisbrogan.com


“Jim Kukral’s Go Direct not only newly inspired me to connect to my audience directly, but showed me the exact tools I can use to connect. This book is such a great reminder of how important it is to cultivate a relationship with our audience. Marketing is changing dramatically, and Jim shows what our audience expects from us and how we can easily meet that need and instill loyalty.”

Ashley Coombe
Marketing Director at Prosperent

“Jim has written a manifesto of sorts for the entrepreneurial content creator. It’s about creation and distribution, but really it’s about relationships and how we think about our art and the people we do it for. The future of content is more personal, less compromised. The future of distribution is more personal, less structured. This book has given me a course to plot that fits more with the way I see the world.”

Dane Morgan

“Go Direct! is more than a book. It’s a visionary manifesto that busts through the monolithic stranglehold many traditional middlemen/gatekeepers (publishers, distributors, agents, ticket brokers) impose on creative artists. Fear not! Here is an absolute way out for any writer, musician, comedian, or artist, if one is willing to take a risk. And Jim Kukral leads the way. His wise new book ratchets up the revolution of indie creativity and empowers all content creators to overhaul the way they think about the future of their craft and reaching a global audience – without a gatekeeper. See Louis C.K. See Macklemore, J.K. Rowling, Beyonce, Amanda Palmer, and others. As a writer, I’m thrilled to put the work Go Direct! has done for me into practice. Now.”

Jeffrey Hillard, award-winning author and teacher,
Associate Professor of English, Mount St. Joseph University

“Go Direct is the source for any author searching for the most direct route to the reader. Kukral packs his manual with relevant and contemporary examples, from Netflix to Louis C.K. This is the definitive guide for bypassing the gatekeepers and selling directly to the people who want your work.”

J. Thorn, A Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank)

“In his new book, Go Direct! Jim Kukral makes a strong case for cutting the middleman out of content distribution so authors, musicians, instructors and others can collect more money for what they create and sell. Jim also clearly explains how content producers should sometimes consider letting fans determine how much they want to pay to support exceptional content. He includes numerous examples and relevant tools anyone can use.”

Mike Murray, president of Online Marketing Coach

“Go Direct! is undoubtedly the best marketing book I’ve read in years.”

Kip Marlow, Entrepreneurs Club Radio

“How much better would your work be with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of direct fans? Jim Kukral’s Go Direct! is full of inspiring tales of artists who’ve found ways to build up their platforms and forge a lifetime bond with their fans. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Louis C.K., Amanda Palmer and Jimmy Fallon, this is the book for you.”

Bryan Cohen, Authorpreneur

“The web has brought musicians and fans directly together. Indie artists and creators no longer depend on iTunes and Amazon anymore. Now content creators can sell their work direct to fans. Selling direct means a win win for everyone. Go Direct! shows how to turn fans into customers, and customers into true fans. It’s a must read book for anyone that has that dream of turning their passion into a living.”

Geoff Austin, Selz.com